VIP Kiosk, Westfield

Retail Consultancy, Westfield
About This Project

VIP E-Cigarettes and Nexus Engage collaborated to create a blending boutique pop-up store at Westfield Stratford City. This pop-up boutique exceeded all expectations and convinced all parties involved that this concept should be developed into something longer term in the centre.


In summer 2015 the Westfield team asked VIP to develop and propose a concept that enabled them to replicate their boutique concept in a mall kiosk location. Nexus Engage were given the brief and we worked closely with VIP and the Westfield team to develop a one-of-a-kind solution that is ultimately a kiosk, RMU and in-line store rolled into one.


The opportunity developed beyond simply a retail offering and now makes up part of a much larger sponsorship package that includes the rebranding and rebuilding of 2 smoking shelters at Westfield Stratford City.


Whilst the project was challenging and unique, the objectives were simple:

  1. Design an in-line blending boutique style offering that can be implemented into a mall kiosk space (6m x 3m)
  2. Maintain the very specific and unique branding that was developed for VIP’s original Westfield offering
  3. Represent VIP in a professional manner without being seen to glamourise vaping
  4. Offer a fully consultative solution as opposed to simply a transactional kiosk offering
  5. Allow customers to try the products in an environment that won’t impact other shoppers
  6. Build a loyal, long term customer base delivering sufficient revenue to allow for sponsorship of both smoking shelters at Westfield Stratford City