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A giant billboard with focused measurable footfall


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Massive interactive consumer engagement


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The ultimate immersive experience


The BrandAD™ product is available in virtually any mall in the UK and comes in a variety of sizes and locations dependant on requirements and available retail space.

A BrandAD™ is usually focused on awareness for a product or service and as such is predominately a large scale vinyl positioned as a giant hoarding over an empty retail unit in a Mall, the location where the greatest footfall and longest dwell times are in most towns and cities in the world today.


Like the BrandAd™, our consumer engagement version is available in a choice of Malls, the major difference is that these Ads contain lots of tech, often custom developed for the client and focussed exclusively on driving footfall into retail or online. Available with a direct response mechanism in the form of vouchers or tickets we can tell you how many people view, dwell, interact, visit the retailer, receive a demo and buy, a unique opportunity in Mall advertising.


Sometimes called experiential, the lounge activity we deploy uniquely uses empty retail units in high footfall malls and allows a brand to show its products or services to the consumer on a more personal and interactive level than in traditional retail.

These repurposed retail locations effectively function as a pop-up showroom and can be staffed with Brand Ambassadors and/or Sales staff. Consumers wishing to buy can then transact in the lounge or be directed to the retailer of choice to purchase.

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