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From our offices in the UK, we turn empty retail space into an experience that enhances the customers shopping journey and drives footfall into targeted retailers in order to generate sales revenue.


Brand Awareness0%

Take advantage of redundant shop space and repurpose it with us to create mind-blowing experiences. Your brand will gain quality exposure at a fraction of typical DOOH costs and you will attract consumers with our innovative engagement solutions that are not always possible within traditional retail spaces. We have the space, you have the brand, lets put them together to ‘engage’ the consumer.

Consumer Engagement0%

Customers love something different, something involving and immersive, and there is no better way to get them invested in your brand than supplying them with a unique way to interact with it, right then and there on the high street where they shop. Offer something magical to help your potential customers discover your brand and your product and leave them in no doubt that they need to buy it and buy it now.

Retailer Uplift0%

As footfall declines, so do sales, in a recent project run by NexusEngage the retailer received a 700% increase in units sold as a result of the ‘awareness’ and ‘call to action’ shown in the storefront. The retailer wins, the brand wins and the high street starts to evolve with consumers willing to embrace a new kind of experience that they can share with their social network.


Footfall in the mall

We collect footfall data for your chosen shopping mall to use as a key metric in reporting KPI’s

Footfall by the activity

How impactful is the activation in terms of driving consumers past the chosen location. This is your OTS

Number of viewers

Using our camera technology, we measure the number of consumers that turn to look at the activation, as they walk down the mall.

Dwell time

Traditional OOH ads capture the consumer’s attention for a very brief time, not only do we stop the consumer but we measure for how long they have viewed the activation.

Number of interactions

As most of our activities are technology-based mechanism for engaging the consumer, we guarantee to have lots of physical interactions with them and to count how many.

Redeem rate

If your mission is to send the consumer into a retailer, or to a restaurant, we can tell you exactly how many have collected their reward. Critical in calculating your ROI.


NexusEngage was awarded “New Agency of The Year” at the Field Marketing

and Brand Experience Awards in Q4 2015!

Our ‘PlayToWin’ activation in Bluewater was awarded

a Purple Apple Award in London in May 2016

Our ‘PlayToWin’ activation in Bluewater was awarded at the

ICSC International Solal Award in Berlin in June 2016!

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