The iProfiler is our in-house innovative solution that can be used to provide statistical measurements into how engaging and effective a marketing campaign is. The iProfiler generates vital and unrivalled analytics from the activation, which can enable marketing managers to easily estimate one of the most important factors from any advertising campaign, the ROI.

By mapping every touch point between the consumer and the brand, the iProfiler produces some powerful analytics. The iProfiler gives demographic information about the people that engage with the campaign, it also provides information about the total number of people that have viewed the activation, the total number of interactions that have occurred and the dwell time of each person that viewed the activation. We can see all the metrics per hour, day, week, month and year.

Facial Recognition

The iProfiler technology has a facial recognition function to provide important analytics of the people that are viewing and interacting with the experiential campaign. We are able to track analytics such as average dwell time per person, opportunity to see, age range, gender and the mood of the person when they are looking at the campaign. All of this vital information allows you to segment the market and target the most popular age and gender.

Voucher generation

The vouchers that may be generated by the activation are used as a means to drive sales and measure engagement, our system is designed to track each voucher throughout this journey, from the moment it is printed to the redemption at the till. By cross-referencing data in the iProfiler, we can link the offer with a demographic profile, allowing, for example, to understand which offer converted the most by gender and age range.

Social Media

Social media statistics can also be compiled through voucher creation games such as Tweet2Win. The social media aspect allows us to not only see how many people tweeted the activation but also provides data collection opportunities in the way of twitter accounts. Deeper analysis such as brand perception, sentiment and mood can also be integrated into the final report.


From our lab, we research and prototype new activations using cutting edge technology. We align our technology with your business strategy and can deliver solutions ranging from mobile marketing, epos, CRM, interactive displays, custom made apps, reporting or counting.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors with excellent knowledge of the brand and products being promoted can help engage consumers with the activation and collect important consumer data. A brand ambassador with a tablet is able to quickly and easily collect consumer data such as name, age, phone number, email address, postcode and get them to answer surveys.

Data Collection

By including a touch screen tablet within an activation we are able to collect consumer data from participants. Often if a consumer is receiving a reward such as a voucher from a well-known retailer, they are willing to give personal data that can help your brand target future marketing messages and campaigns to your target audience.


The results from every campaign are presented in an easy to analyse dashboard that shows a real-time overview of the results of the campaign minute by minute. The data in this dashboard allows marketing team(s) to make decisions on the fly to make the most of the activation.

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