Camper van chic for your retail outlet, brand or venue

NexusEngage camper van; what will you do with yours?

Camper van chic for your retail outlet, brand or venue

Making your brand stand out against a busy competitive environment, but at NexusEngage we have something that really is different.  Suitable for any B2C brand, our full-scale VW campervans will definitely -without a doubt – allow you to stand out in the retail environment this year.

Here’s your chance to purchase, brand and use a recreation of the uber cool split screen VW campervan to attract new and existing customers. When differentiation can be difficult, give yourself an unfair competitive advantage!

These are breath-taking fibreglass built models, this is ready for installation immediately. The cost includes:

  • Full branding (of your choice)
  • Delivery
  • Secure storage
  • Open top model to welcome your customers to

This magnificent opportunity is suitable for any brand wishing to make a statement. Maybe you’re a coffee brand? Footwear? Clothing? Holidays? Use it as a customer service attraction? The opportunities are endless; as are the amount of these models available.

This is a stand out device that will put your consumer-facing brand firmly on the map.

Prices start £17,500+VAT. The price includes your choice of finish.

For more information, please contact:
0844 800 4404

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