The story

Working with We Are Placemaking and using a redundant bank on Ebury Street that was standing idle, a Christmas feature was designed to enhance the festive feeling in West London; encouraging children to relay their wishes for Christmas morning. This campaign focused on a traditional Santa’s Grotto with a technological twist!

The solution by NexusEngage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
NexusEngage consistently delivers unrivalled, sublime technology solutions for retail environments that encourage and engage shoppers and consumers.

Using a redundant unit on Ebury Street, Belgravia, which was previously busy high street bank, working in partnership with the renowned agency, We Are Placemaking, NexusEngage filled the space with technology that amplified the magic of Christmas.

Featuring LED light curtains with projectors discreetly hidden, the visiting public were invited to touch the screens. What happened before their eyes was snow gently falling and the sensation of other winter landscapes. This experiential journey through the Interactive North Pole and Northern Lights led into a classic Victorian front room where Father Christmas waited to listen to Christmas lists of his eager and excited guests.

On your approach, a faint crunch could be heard under your feet; it could be Christmas morning!  This temporary campaign ran through December 2017, adding magic and sparkle everywhere in Belgravia. For excited families, the journey lasted 30 minutes, yet left an experience that will last a lifetime.

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