The story

The problem for LG was that within a retailer, there are several screens next to each other all showing the same image, as a consumer it can be hard to figure out which TV is best for your home environment and get a proper one-to-one demonstration of how the TV works.

Our challenge was to come up with a solution, which would allow consumers to experience the TV as they would at home, whilst really understanding the features and benefits of the product in a one-to-one demonstration.

We took two empty retail spaces in two of the busiest shopping centres in the UK to transform into the LG lounge

We completely transformed the space into a pop up shop made to look like a lounge that may be found in a home, it included soft furnishings and the central focus of the room was on a curved OLED TV. We also placed a viewing window on the exterior of the shop so interested passers by could have a look at what was going on inside

Once the lounge project had finished, we placed a vinyl over the shop front advertising the TV to shoppers during the time of the World cup

The results in four figures


% Increase in

sales value


% Increased



People viewing

our window


Experienced the

LG lounge

“This is the best thing LG have ever done for the Consumer since I have been at the company and that’s over 7 years now.”
Stephen Sculley, CE Instore Execution Manager

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