The Mall of Switzerland

The story

On 8 November 2017, the Mall of Switzerland was opened to shoppers, sports enthusiasts and the local population who are enjoying their free time.  Located in Lucerne, this new dynamic facility is the second largest shopping and leisure destination in Switzerland.

Taking just over three years to construct, The Mall of Switzerland was designed with everyone in mind and provide a single location for leisure and tourism. The centre offers the following facilities:

  • A Pathe Multiplex cinema, with 12 screens that includes Switzerland’s largest IMAX cinema.
  • With over 150 shops boasting fashion, jewellery, beauty, sports and the largest area of stores dedicated to children in Switzerland
  • Training, fitness and wellness centre
  • Switzerland’s first standing indoor wave
  • Restaurants

The solution by NexusEngage

To coincide with the opening of the spectacular new Mall of Switzerland, Nexus was commissioned to design four activations:

  • Three ActionWalls that inspire all consumers, of all ages
    • A wall mounted piano that measured +8m allowing the passing public to make their own signature anthem as if they were sitting at a grand piano
    • Utilising the front of a currently redundant retail unit, an entire band’s instruments, including sax, guitar and drums. The passing consumers are the band!
    • A Zoo scene, making sounds of typical animals from Switzerland – including the famous St. Bernard!
  • A Play2Win game that challenges the target audience of a participating store to try this competition. Using a computer screen and a series of buttons, players will win gift cards while gathering emails.
The "Zoo" Scene
The Interactive Piano
Interactive band
Play2Win Interactive Game

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