The Lexicon, Bracknell

The story

The newly opened Lexicon town centre in Bracknell defines itself as a peerless location to shop, watch, eat and socialise. With shopping for everyone; the very best stores for men, women and children, a multiplex 12 screen cinema showing all the latest films and restaurants that offer cuisine for whatever delicacy is demanded, there’s something for residents and visitors alike.

The solution by NexusEngage

An array of sensory technology that transports the public, provided by NexusEngage
This new town centre was opened to meet the demands of shoppers and their desires for the latest trends. To ensure their visit was part of a wider experience rather than just a transaction, NexusEngage were consulted to provide sensory experiences that became a reminder of the environment the Lexicon was nestled between.
NexusEngage supplied and installed:

Sounds of the Forest; an audible experience that prompted the listener to the wildlife that can be found in nearby forests.
Day and night; as a visitor walks past LEDs that illuminate to mimic the tracks the person is taking. A test of the imagination.
String quartet; using an empty shop front, passersby are encouraged to make their own distinctive music using touchpads that echo to the sound of their chosen string instrument; violin, cello, double bass and guitar.
Light and shadow; a game of concentration. Visitor uses their hand to track along a pre-determined route, can they reach the end through day and night experiences?
Marble run; Embedded in an empty shop front, visitor drops the marble and watches as it tracks through the forest of branches and leaves.
Poem wall; listen as the “Encounter Forest Light” by Scott Farlow is recited. Visitors transported to a world of prose and classical writing.
The scented forest; a forest offers a cascade of vivid scents and smells. Utilise the pipe “forest” to smell individual scents. The visitor challenged to name what they have smelt.

Forest Music
Sounds of the Forest
Forest Marble Run
Poem Wall
The Scented Forest
Light & Shadow
Day & Night

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