Artwork Project, WestQuay South

The story

Westquay is the premier shopping destination on the South coast of England with a yearly footfall of over 16 million people. As part of the leisure led redevelopment programme, Westquay and Hammerson are running a competition to select four pieces of artwork that will be printed and applied to the outside of the shopping centre on a new walkway alongside Marks & Spencer, each piece of the artwork will be roughly 6m by 3m and will be applied onto the wall using a specialist vinyl.

Nexus Engage helped Westquay to design and implement this project by first surveying the site and deciding on the optimal size for the artwork, once the size had been decided we ensured the images were sent to the printers and printed in a very high quality so no detail was lost when they were enlarged. We chose a specialist brick wrapped vinyl that gives the illusion the artwork has been painted directly onto the wall.