Simple, fast and effective. The simplest and easiest way to ‘Mask’ those areas you don’t want the public to see, or have access to. A 5 mtr by 3 mtr hoarding can be erected in less than 45 minutes and remains fully flexible in terms of print and design. If you want to change the look, a matter of 10 minutes will see every board changed and a new design open for the consumer to enjoy!


If the idea of ActionWall Mask is enticing, then consider the opportunity to add some great technology to it so that you can really capture the consumers attention and increase dwell time in the Mall. We can add musical instruments, lights, sounds, buttons, wheels, motors or any other enticing animated activity to create a true memorable experience in your centre.


Is there a need for you to design and build free standing elements in the Mall or in your office space? A nursery or kids entertainment area, a pre-built and assembled office space or meeting area, the only restriction is your imagination and the space you have available. The beauty of ‘Form’ is its speedy assembly, pre-built and populated in the factory, implementation onsite is really simple and quick.


An innovative hoarding solution to cover any empty retail unit or other space


ActionWall:Mask allows you to quickly and easily conceal unused retail space in your shopping centre with a strong hoarding solution that can be used as a promotional space.


Add interactivity to any vinyl, hoarding, shop window!


The ActionWall:Live technology enables you to create really compelling Consumer Engagement activity in the mall, designed, built, installed and maintained by NexusEngage, we make it easy for you to entertain your customers and keep them coming back for more!

Play To Win

Turn an empty space into a game-driven voucher reward!


The ActionWall:Live technology incorporating our unique Play To Win product means you can easily run compelling promotions for retailers in the Mall, or brands who want to send the Consumer into a retailer to generate sales


A shop fit-out pre-built in factory, deployed in 1h


The Action Form product has to be seen to be believed, watch the video to get the full picture.


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